Unibets token

What is the token address of $BETS?
Unibets “$BETS” V2 contract address is shared in our Telegram and Twitter. 0x9dc251F27A7477313242A022181D4B5A3a1e4A0F
Do NOT interact with V1 contract address anymore!
Watch out, there are plenty of fake tokens and fake Unibets accounts !
What are the tokenomics of $BETS?
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000. Fully circulating, non-dilutive
  • Fair launch: 100% of the token supply is added to liquidity at launch and locked
  • Trading Taxes: Buy: 5% | Sell: 5%
    • 2% goes to marketing, partnerships and team
    • 2% goes to revenue sharing
    • 1% goes to betting pool
  • 100% of betting pool go to holders
  • Be a holder of minimum 50,000 $BETS tokens or more to be entitled to revenue sharing​
What are the benefits of holding $BETS tokens?
Holding 50,000 $BETS will entitle you to benefit from Revenue Sharing and be part of a passionate sports betting community - airdropped in $ETH on a weekly basis We're working on a dashboard enabling you to claim your $ETH directly via www.unibets.ai