How does it work?

You hold, We bet, and together we earn!

🦄 Our powerhouse AI-driven sports prediction tool not only helps you win big but also shares its rewards with token holders.
🌐 When you own Unibets ($BETS) tokens, you're not just a holder – you're part of a thriving community that reaps the benefits of the platform's success.
📈 Double Revenue Sharing - Holders will get 2% cut from $BETS trading volume - rewarded in $ETH - Share 100% of the Betting Pool's earnings - rewarded in $ETH Want in? 👉Just hold a minimum of 50,000 $BETS in your wallet and get weekly earnings on winning bets and trading volume. Revenue sharing is proportional, so the more $BETS you hold, the more $ETH earn! 💰You hold, We bet, and together we earn!

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